Do All Lazy Boy Recliners Come Apart? (And How I Took Mine Apart for Moving)

Let’s be honest, Lazy Boy recliners are the stuff of dreams. That perfect sink-into-it feeling, the way they cradle you, and that heavenly footrest… it’s pure relaxation. But then, moving day strikes! Suddenly, your beloved recliner isn’t so dreamy – it’s a bulky obstacle. Do they come apart? That was the burning question on my mind when I recently moved. If you’re in the same boat, here’s what I learned:

What is a Lazy Boy Recliner?

If you’re new to the world of Lazy Boy, here’s the lowdown: they make all kinds of comfy furniture, but their recliners are legendary. Imagine a plush armchair that transforms! It leans way back, almost like a mini-bed, and a footrest magically appears for total leg support. Relaxation level: maximum.

Why Take a Lazy Boy Recliner Apart?

  • The Moving Mission: This is the big one! Hefty recliners and narrow doorways don’t mix. Taking yours apart makes it way easier to maneuver through your house and avoid scratches (on the chair AND your walls).
  • Deep Cleaning Time: Sometimes, crumbs, coins, and who-knows-what-else vanish into the depths of your recliner. Disassembling it might be the only way to get a truly thorough clean.
  • DIY Repairs: If something breaks, being able to take it apart can help you assess the damage and maybe even make those fixes yourself.

My Experience: Do THEY Come Apart?

Short answer: most do! I can’t guarantee it for every single model out there, but mine definitely did. And let me tell you, the relief I felt when that back section popped off was immense! Here’s a breakdown of how I tackled it (and remember, always check with Lazy Boy for official instructions on your specific recliner):

Step 1: Removing the Back

At first glance, my recliner looked like a solid unit. But after some careful inspection, I found those metal brackets connecting the back to the base. It took a bit of confident wiggling and lifting, but then – success! The whole back section came free. It felt like solving a cozy furniture puzzle.

Step 2: Taking the Base Apart

Okay, this is where things got interesting. There was no way I could manage this alone, so I enlisted my partner’s help to carefully flip the recliner upside down. A few strategically placed bolts were holding the base together. With a bit of elbow grease (and maybe a little cursing under my breath), we unscrewed them, and the base separated into more manageable chunks.

Important Notes:

  • Don’t Be a Hero: Recliners are heavy! Get help with the lifting and flipping to avoid injuries.
  • Patience is Key: Some parts might be a little stubborn. Don’t force anything, and if you’re stuck, that’s when you call Lazy Boy for guidance.

Putting it Back Together

It’s pretty much the reverse of taking it apart. Attach the base pieces, slide the back onto the brackets, and you’re basically done! Double-check everything is secure before you plop back down.


Taking apart my Lazy Boy wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. If you’re moving or need to work on yours, it’s definitely doable. A little caution and checking those instructions will have you relaxing in your favorite chair again in no time!

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