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Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma’s house: A Place of Both Refuge and Tragedy

In the city of West Allis, Wisconsin, there stands a house with a past deeply interwoven with the life and crimes of the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer. It is a place where the facade of a family home concealed the unthinkable actions of one individual. Let’s journey into the history tied to 2357 South 57th St., a place where a grandma tried to guide her grandson but tragically failed.

A Grandmother’s Love and Hope for Change

In a period of struggle with alcoholism, Jeffrey Dahmer moved into his grandmother Catherine’s residence with the encouragement of his father, Lionel. Lionel hoped that the nurturing environment and the bond between grandmother and grandson could steer Dahmer onto a righteous path. They shared love and a household, with Dahmer assisting in daily chores, creating a semblance of normalcy and rehabilitation.

The Turning Point at the Grandma’s House

Despite showing signs of improvement, Dahmer’s underlying issues resurfaced. The house became a backdrop for heinous crimes, marking a tragic turn in Dahmer’s life where he spiraled into darkness. The gravity of the crimes committed here underscored the importance of vigilance and community safety.

A Standing Testimony to a Dark History

Today, the house at 2357 S 57th Street stands tall, a living testimony to the dark history it housed years ago. People have been seen residing there, as seen in videos circulating on TikTok. It’s a monument of sorts, a stark reminder of the tragedies that unfolded within its walls, creating a divide in public opinion — while some call for its demolition, the local government voted to let it remain standing.

Disturbing Events Behind Closed Doors

The residence has witnessed some very disturbing events, including the dismemberment of individuals like Steven Tuomi, whom Dahmer killed and brought to the house to hide the evidence. The tragic fates of James Doxtator and Richard Guerrero also unfolded here, as they were lured with the promise of money, only to meet a terrifying end. These horrifying actions highlight the extreme dangers of trusting strangers.

A Grandmother Unaware

As time went on, Catherine became increasingly uncomfortable with Dahmer’s behavior, particularly the unexplained foul smells from the garage and basement, and his habit of bringing young men to the house late at night. Despite her suspicions and eventual insistence on him leaving, it is believed that she remained unaware of the true extent of her grandson’s actions. Her love for him remained, a grandmother loving her grandson unaware of the horrific secrets he harbored.

The End of Dahmer’s Stay

Eventually, due to growing tensions and his worsening actions, Dahmer moved out in September 1988. Following a brief stint in a correctional facility, he returned but eventually moved out for good in May 1990. With him, he carried the gruesome remains of one of his victims, taking the secrets and horrors enacted in the house with him.

A Heartbreaking Quote

In a heart-wrenching statement, Catherine once said about Dahmer, “I loved him very much. He would do anything for me.” This statement is heavy with the sadness of a grandmother who couldn’t imagine the depth of Dahmer’s crimes, depicting the devastating impact of betrayal within a family.


The house of Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother is more than just a building; it’s a symbol of the juxtaposition of love and horror, safety and danger. It stands as a testament to a grandmother’s unconditional love and the heartbreaking reality of the hidden demons within a loved one. It reminds us to always be vigilant, fostering a community that is safe and understanding, where no one has to fear the monsters hidden behind familiar doors.

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