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Creating Your Own Gallery Wall: A Fun and Easy Guide

Have you ever wanted to add a burst of personality to a room but didn’t know where to start? A gallery wall is your answer! It’s a fantastic way to showcase your favorite photos, artwork, keepsakes – anything that reflects your unique style. With a few simple steps, you’ll transform any wall into an eye-catching masterpiece.

Getting Ready

Gather your supplies before getting started:

  • Picture frames: Mix and match sizes, colors, and styles for a dynamic look.
  • Artwork/photos: Family portraits, travel snapshots, your own creations – it’s your story to tell!
  • Hanging tools: Choose between traditional hammer and nails or damage-free picture hanging strips.
  • Tape measure, paper, and pencil: For planning and precise placement.

Picking the Perfect Spot

Location, location, location!

Consider the size and function of the room. A large gallery wall can make a grand statement in a living room, while a smaller, more curated collection might be better suited for a hallway or entryway. Think about the traffic flow in the space as well. You don’t want to create a gallery wall that people will bump into!


Ensure your gallery wall will be a focal point. Is it across from your couch where guests will naturally look? Or perhaps it flanks a fireplace that begs for a touch of personalization? Good lighting is also important. Avoid hanging your gallery wall in a dimly lit corner where all the details will be lost.

Choosing Your Treasures

This is where the fun begins! Let your imagination roam wild and explore these ideas to bring your gallery wall to life:

Cherished memories: Family photos that spark joy, travel postcards that bring back fond memories, or concert tickets from your favorite bands – these are all fantastic conversation starters and a wonderful way to relive special moments.

Artistic expression: Showcase your own artwork or pieces you’ve collected from local artists or flea markets. Do you love to paint, draw, or sculpt? Flaunt your talents! If you’re not the creative type, consider including inspirational quotes or framed song lyrics that resonate with you.

Nature’s beauty: Bring the outdoors in with pressed flowers, framed leaves, or botanical prints. You could even include a small shelf to display interesting rocks or seashells collected on nature walks.

Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to combine different types of items! A vintage map pairs beautifully with a modern abstract piece. A whimsical illustration complements a treasured family photo. The possibilities are endless – so get creative and let your personality shine through!

Mapping It Out

Now that you’ve selected your treasures, it’s time to transform your blank wall into a curated gallery space. Here’s where planning comes in and saves you time (and frustration) later on:

  1. Play with paper templates: Trace the outline of each frame onto separate pieces of paper. This will give you a visual representation of your artwork’s size and proportions. Cut out the paper shapes and arrange them on the floor to experiment with different layouts. Try clustering similar items together for a cohesive look, or create a balanced flow by alternating horizontal and vertical pieces.

  2. Mind the gap: Spacing is key to achieving a polished look. As a general rule, leave 2-3 inches between frames for a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement. You can adjust this spacing based on the size and style of your frames and artwork.

  3. Think outside the box: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your layout! A gallery wall doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. Experiment with asymmetrical patterns or create a cascading effect for a dynamic look. You can even incorporate small shelves or decorative objects to add another dimension to your gallery space.

Hanging Time!

  1. Measure, then measure again: Precise markings will ensure a perfect gallery wall.
  2. Enlist a helper: An extra pair of hands makes hanging larger pieces easier (and more fun!).
  3. Level up: Use a spirit level to guarantee perfectly straight artwork.

Admire Your Masterpiece

Take a moment to appreciate your handiwork! A gallery wall is a living, breathing piece of art. Add to it, rearrange, and update it over time to reflect your ever-changing tastes and experiences.

Safety First! Always ask an adult for assistance when using tools like hammers.

Unleash Your Inner Curator!

Embrace your individuality and don’t be afraid to break the rules! A gallery wall is a reflection of you, so let your creativity loose. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration:

  • Think outside the frame: Don’t limit yourself to just framed items. Woven tapestries, vintage postcards, or even antique plates can add unique textures and pops of color.
  • Play with patterns: Create a cohesive look by incorporating geometric shapes or repeating colors throughout your gallery wall.
  • Go high-low: Balance expensive artwork with budget-friendly finds from thrift stores or flea markets.
  • Leave room to grow: Instead of filling your entire wall at once, dedicate a section for future additions. This allows your gallery wall to evolve with you.


The best thing about a gallery wall is that it’s a reflection of YOU. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so have fun, experiment, and let your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid to switch things up over time as your tastes change or you collect new treasures.

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